Break the ice with Ice-breaker – business networking has never been easier!

Ice-breaker is a powerful feature available on the Beepmo Mobile Application that shows you things you share in common with the people you’d most like to connect with or meet.

A lot of us find the process of networking hard enough – this isn’t helped by the fact that most people don’t react positively to a cold introduction (think about those poor telemarketers, seriously!). How much more receptive would you be to a cold introduction if the person introducing themselves to you shared a mutual friend or worked at the same firm as you after college? Beepmo gives you this information at your fingertips, allowing you to see instantly what you share with the person you’re interested in connecting with or meeting.

How does Beepmo do this? Beepmo analyses information available across multiple social networks to maximize the chance of finding things you share and displays it in an easy to understand format on the Mobile Application.

Tip: Linking your facebook and twitter accounts with your Beepmo profile greatly enhances Ice-breakers ability to find things in common and conversely makes it easier for you to vet people who connect with you on Beepmo.

Check out Ice-breaker on the Beepmo app today!

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