Social & Professional Discovery made easy

Browse the professional profiles of people nearby

At a conference, airport lounge or wherever you happen to be, Beepmo shows you who’s around you, their professional profiles and puts you in touch right then and there. Publicise your business objective and maximise networking opportunities like never before.

The ultimate ice-breaker

We integrate LinkedIn and other popular social networking profiles you have so that we can show you things you have in common with the people you want to meet. Beepmo helps you break the ice and makes fresh introductions easy.

Discover events around you

Discover events that are happening in your city or when you’re travelling that are relevant to you and your interests. Before an event use Beepmo to view who’s attending, workout who you’d like to meet, make contact in advance and maximise your networking productivity when you’re there.

What is Beepmo?

Beepmo is a business networking service that uses your location to see who’s around you and browse events that are happening nearby. We started Beepmo with the idea of making business networking easier and attending events more productive. We also wanted people to be able to browse events happening in and around their location, find the most relevant ones and plan their attendance and networking goals ahead of time. Beepmo uses LinkedIn to make it easy for you to join and easy for you to connect with the people you most want to meet.

Who are Beepmo?

Beepmo is GreenCloud Labs beta venture. GreenCloud Labs is an Asia focused technology start-up lab passionate about innovation.

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You can learn more about the Beepmo service on our FAQs section. Check out our blog and follow us on twitter.

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